Here's the latest installment in our ongoing quest to find a decent cheap meal that won't kill us or our budget.

The skinny vegan’s inner fat kid eats at Foodswings. This Williamsburg fast food shop boasts heavy, greasy foods that are 100% meat and dairy free, as well as a surprisingly delicious “milk”shake selection. A more limited menu is offered after 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for the meat-and-dairy-free-but-give-me-beer crowd and friends.

Most popular items include the drumsticks (get a combo that comes with 3 pieces and a side for $7) and the “milk”shakes, which start at $4. The shakes range from classic (vanilla and chocolate for those who don’t like trying new things) to creative (such as crunchberry, firestorm, cookie dough and their most popular “tank” which is chocolate, peanut butter and cookies). The rest of the prices are good too; with burgers, salads and sandwiches all around $7 or $8.

Tables are typically full of hipsters, punkers and other “-er” words washing their food down with beer (it’s BYOB) or one of the famous shakes. The place got new owners (all vegan) and some remodeling in December, as well as the addition of a few items on the menu (like tacos, a homemade sausage and pepper hero and potato skins). And they get their share of non-vegan customers, too. Just last week, a guy came in for his second time and finally realized the “meat” he was eating was soy! If that won't sway the carnivorous, nothing will.

Foodswings // 295 Grand, Brooklyn // (718) 388-1919