kelsopair.93134500_std.jpgWho doesn’t make a mistake every now and then? To err is human, right? But what matters in the end is if you get called out on it. When (if) you do, you should probably apologize and make right. Well, we got called out last week. To celebrate National Beer Month we decided to feature a beer that we thought was pretty good, Red Hook Sunrye Summer Ale. Now we don’t expect every reader to like or agree with our selections and we encourage some healthy banter but the first comment off the bat went a little something like this…

“this is GOTHAMist. can't you cite a good NYC brew to spotlight?... how dare you, gothamist!!!”

The pang of guilt grew as we read the post. They were right. We should have looked a little closer to home. We love your loyalty to this boozy city and want to amend for our farsightedness. So, to finish off our series on National Beer Month we bring you a few of New York’s finest and some of the best places to sip them in…

Kelso of Brooklyn
Of the four delicious beers that they brew ranging from Nut Brown to the Chocolate Larger, taste them all. We always go back for the Hop Lager. To find Kelso in Manhattan you don't have to look too far, we enjoy ours at Drop Off Service on Avenue A at 13th Street.

Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria
It’s a part of New York History, and regardless of how many times it’s been written about, it will never be enough. Sure the focus is not on American microbrews, but a bunch of foreigners drinking outside side feels very New York to us. Grab a stein and a seat at one of the many picnic tables out back and make new friends over a plate of Pirogi, so light and fluffy, even Grandma would be proud.

Chelsea Brewing Company
Maybe it’s the subtle nuances imparted from it’s proximity to the Hudson River, or the pleasure of enjoying a brew on the waterfront, but this full service brewery provides the perfect reprieve after a few hours at the driving range. The Checker Cab Blonde Ale has the bite, crispness and character that it’s name would imply.

Let’s be friends again. There’s no point in crying over spilled ale, especially with all these great options at our footsteps.