And no, that headline is not made up. Mark O'Donnell, the partner of disgraced ex-New Jersey governor James McGreevey, has found a cause to call his own: fighting New Jersey's illegal tiger bone trade, a thing no one knew existed until this WSJ article was published.

O'Donnell, inspired by a National Geographic special about the illicit tiger bone trade—the ingredient is a prized component of traditional Chinese medicine, along with rhino horns and bear bile—is spearheading a bill requiring that the owners of all 24 known tigers in the state submit DNA from the animals, install microchips in their fur and properly dispose of their bodies after death. "It's not a frivolous bill. It's not a hobby because I'm bored. It's a real serious issue," O'Donnell swears, and no, McGreevey is too busy being ordained as an Episcopalian priest to bother with the cause.

In case you're curious, medicines made with tiger bone, rhino horn, bear gall, musk grains and leopard bones were found in 22 drugstores World Wild Life Fund investigators visited in Flushing and Manhattan's Chinatown. If you're really that desperate to soothe your joint pain, why not try some cheap Chinatown reflexology instead?