The world has long-waited for McDonald's to expand their breakfast hours so we can cure our raging hangovers without arising before 10 a.m. Instead of extending breakfast, McDonald's has launched "After Midnight," a new late-night menu that includes some of the chain's more popular breakfast items.

From midnight until 4 a.m. at select 24-hour locations, guests can order Egg McMuffins, hash browns and other breakfast staples, in addition to Big Macs and french fries. The chain has been testing a similar deal since last year and will now expand to a larger number of stores.

It's good news for tipsy revelers who want a cheap, filling, breakfast-y snack before passing out to reruns of Taxicab Confessions. USA Today speculates that the menu will "appeal more to Millennials, who typically like to eat what they want, when they want." If that's true, can some pushy Millennials please demand that McDonald's extend breakfast hours past 10:30 a.m.? Think of the children: