Today in We're All Going To Die, New Yorkers can now get McDonald's reconstituted pig stomach delivered directly to them, negating the necessity of ever expending a single calorie to achieve immortality. The company has teamed up with another startup delivery service, Postmates, to offer delivery from 88 NYC stores, some of which will be available for Big Macs 24 hours a day.

Starting today, the selected restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens will offer almost the entire menu for delivery, excluding products like ice cream cones that wouldn't travel well. McDonald's has offered delivery from select stores via other means for quite some time, but expansion into other boroughs hasn't happened until now.

In addition to the delivery fees imposed by the delivery website, McDonald's will tack on an additional delivery fee "charged based on the distance traveled by the courier," according to Business Insider. Unlike free (for the customer) services like Seamless, Postmates charges a standard delivery fee based on the distance between pick up and drop off. On top of that, they tack on an additional 9% service fee to the total of the order. Kinda misses the whole point of a value menu, but delivery has never been about saving money.

If you can sit through 23 minutes of droning by McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook, you can hear more about the company's big plans to save itself from destruction. Part of the plan apparently includes reversing their negative position on millennials, among other things.