Oh, McDonald's, what more McFodder can you gift us with this holiday season? First, the company's McResource (yes) site suggests its minimum wage employees cut down on stress by taking two vacations a year, among other tone deaf tips; and recently, that very same site started handing out tipping advice for employees' au pairs and pool cleaners.

CNBC reported yesterday that the McResource site, responsible for dispensing pearls of wisdom to the $7.95/hour set like "breaking your food into pieces” and "sell your Christmas gifts for quick cash," added some new gems to its advice-giving repertoire, listing holiday tipping tips courtesy of etiquette expert Emily Post. For instance, according to Ms. Post, you should offer your au pair "a gift from your family (or one week's pay), plus a small gift from your child," your housekeeper should receive a bonus equivalent to "one day's pay," and your pool cleaner's Yuletide gift should equal "the cost of one cleaning." What's that, you say? You don't have a pool cleaner? You mean you remove all the floating leaves from your imported eucalyptus trees all by yourself? How perfectly dreadful.

Needless to say, this etiquette advice—which also included tipping guidelines for garage attendants, personal fitness instructors and the like—didn't sit too well with the general public, particularly in light of Thursday's nationwide fast-food workers strike pushing for higher minimum wages. The tipping tips have since been removed. "The content was provided by a third-party partner and quotes from one of the best-known etiquette gurus, Emily Post," a spokeswoman for McDonald's said in a statement. "We continue to review the resource and will ask the vendor to make changes as needed."

No word on what employee advice the company will post next, but we've really been wondering what kind of solution will best clean our Ferraris.