Man, McDonald's LOVES New York City. Not only is the burger giant bringing more franchises to Manhattan soon, they also seem intent on co-opting our city's name internationally. Last year it rolled out a line of German "I ♥ New York burgers" as well as a New York Special burger in the UK, a New York Supreme in Scandinavia, a New York Quarter Pounder in Japan, and a NYCrispy in Spain and elsewhere. And now the trend continues. They've just rolled out a half-pound "Big New York" burger meant to feed hungry Israelis.

According to the "premium burger made from entrecote and prime rib" replaced the McFalafel in the country's restaurants as the chain tries to compete with "boutique hamburger restaurants" in the country. "The new product is branded as 'the Big America series,' which includes the Big New York and Big Texas hamburgers. Both will be sold for NIS 31.50 (about $9.20) or NIS 49.90 ($14.50) for a meal including a hamburger, fries and a regular-sized beverage—a relatively low price compared to the boutique chains."

Illinois-based McDonald's has so far showed no intention of bringing these New York products to the States, which kind of makes sense. It would be so embarrassing to order a New York burger from McDonald's if your city didn't have one to call its own.

Meanwhile, in other international fast food news—can movie stars just give up the ghost and stop pretending they don't do low-brow ads everywhere but here? Because Clive Owen looks great pitching (while dubbed into Spanish!) Burger King:

[h/t Eater]