Just two weeks after the Humane Society filed suit against McDonald's over claims that their pork producer horribly abused the pigs used in the McRib sandwich, another animal rights group is coming forward with a video showing the Mickey D's egg supplier grossly mistreating their chickens, and McDonald's isn't taking it lightly.

The group, Mercy For Animals, taped workers at McDonald's egg supplier Sparboe Egg Farms in Minnesota "burning off the beaks of young chicks and throwing them into cages, grabbing hens by their throats and ramming them into battery cages, and tormenting a bird by swinging her around in the air while her legs were caught in a grabbing device," among other things.

In response, the FDA issued a company-wide warning letter to Sparboe, citing "serious" and "significant violations" of a recent federal egg rule to curb deadly salmonella outbreaks. Oh, and McDonald's fired Sparboe's ass, explaining in a long letter that "the behavior on tape is disturbing and completely unacceptable. McDonald's wants to assure our customers that we demand humane treatment of animals by our suppliers." Cruelty-free McMuffins will remain on the menu, though there are no guarantees that it'll be worm-free.