Foreign fast food places often get special products that never see the light of day in America (hello, China's black and white burgers). But sometimes we see an international offering and seriously wonder why it isn't here. Not that we'd want to eat one, but how come McDonald's France has bagel burgers and we're stuck with... Quarter Pounders with Onions (a Royale avec des Oignons?).

Apparently McDonald's has launched the new line of burgers in an attempt to recapture the excitement from their "smash hit McBaguette" and the obvious answer was to replace the French bread staple with a food staple of New York. Shouldn't this be coming here first? Though on second thought... won't the juices from the burger go through the bagel's hole? (TWSS) Wouldn't a bialy have been the better choice of bun?

Also, while we are on the subject, we have no idea why "bagel stories," "cheese" and "red onions" appear in English on the McDonald's France website—with helpful translations below. But we are glad to see that bacon, the candy of the meats, is universal and needs no translation!