You'd think after the public ridicule McDonald's endured for its tone deaf "budget" for employees that the fast food giant would get its act together when doling out "advice" to its pitifully paid staff. Nope. Once again McDonald's went out of its way to "help" its desperately underpaid employees by...urging them to sign up for federal assistance.

Low Pay Is Not Ok, an advocacy site for fast food workers, published their latest installment of McDonald's idiocy with audio of a McDonald's "McResources" operator urging long-time employee Nancy Salgado to look into SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) to help feed herself and her two children. Salgado calls looking for a way out of the food rationing she and her family have been forced to do. "You would most likely be eligible for SNAP benefits," the operator confides, going on to emphasize that it's a federal program that's administered by the states. Salgado also asks about doctors, to which the operator suggests Medicaid—another federal program—to cover her family's medical needs.

Listen to an edited version of the call below and prepare your eyeballs for some epic rolling:

Looks like the fast food giant has no problem passing the buck to taxpayers when it comes to supplementing their meager compensation. Two studies published last week revealed that McDonald's leaves taxpayers responsible for $1.2 billion annually across the nation to fund federal programs like SNAP and Medicaid with other fast food chains not far behind.

The corporation saw profits in the billions last year, which was doubled when adding in dividends and stock buybacks. On top of that, McDonald's CEO Donald Thompson is sitting pretty with a sweet $13.7 million per year salary. Meanwhile, Salgado, who has worked for the chain for over a decade, has never seen a raise from the $8.25 an hour rate she started out with.