McDonald's bathrooms—which are lavatories of last resort for any discerning restroom connoisseur—are nevertheless the only option in certain desperate situations. But if you need an emergency comfort break at the Kips Bay location, you'd better hope you're not evacuating while black, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. Three black men are suing McDonald's, claiming they were told that if they wanted to use the restroom at the 480 Third Avenue location, they had to buy something. They allege that they were, ahem, peenalized because of their race, while witnessing whitey waltz into the water closet!

Christopher White, Abdul Rasuul and Leroy Johnson allege that while they were kept out of the can, a nonpaying white woman was allowed to claim the throne without purchasing anything, according to court papers obtained by the Post. The plaintiffs say they suffered "shock, pain, emotional, psychiatric, psychological and mental injuries" as a result of last year's incident. McDonald's isn't commenting, but it's pretty obvious that Ronald's not racist, because one of his best friends is Grimace, a character of color!