Yesterday, one patron's unfortunate bout of vomiting shut down the bodily fluids-ravaged McCarren Park Pool. Coincidentally, the city issued a request for proposals yesterday for a snack bar and "mobile food units" at the pool. Ideally, these will be the sort of mobile food units that wouldn't cause any additional vomit, poop, or diarrhea.

Vendors will have until Sept. 12 to submit their applications, according to a listing on the the city's website. As DNAInfo pointed out, the pool hasn't had any official vendors yet, and police have arrested several people who have sold illegally on or near the pool's grounds.

Between the vomiting, the pooping, the fights, the thefts—all caught in the media's highly-attentive Klieg lights—it might seem as if McCarren Park Pool is cursed. But while a Parks Department source insists these incidents are not uncommon at other pools citywide, some say supernatural elements may be to blame for the problems at the pool. A Paranormal Investigation of NYC previously claimed they found eerie temperature drops and ghostly balls of lights around the pool. So when in doubt, you can always blame ghosts for "unsanitary conditions."