2006_03_horseradish.jpgThe NYPD will be stepping up security during Passover (it starts on April 12), as has been routine during the past years, but it seems like the real purpose of the Mayor's press conference was to snark on his sister's Passover cooking. Mayor Bloomberg dished about his sister's seder saying:

"I can report that when she does [the seder] the food is reasonably good. My criticism has always been that the horseradish is not strong enough...Maybe if she reads that in the brilliant article that I'm sure you will write about this, that may influence where she gets the horseradish."

The Mayor likes it bitter, does he? Which proves one thing: Having a press corps could be the surefire way to getting your family to work on their traditional recipes, which means Gothamist must get to work on being elected mayor in order to give some constructive criticism about Thanksgiving stuffing.

Do you have any suggestions for good Passover horseradish? Wikipedia on Passover.