Mayor elect Bill de Blasio hasn't even been inaugurated yet and already the perks have come flooding in, most notably an $8,000 Alba truffle an "anonymous fan" bought at a charity auction as a gift to the recently elected politico. De Blasio's Italian-American heritage, which has attracted fans in the land of his ancestors, prompted the generous truffle-lover to give the soon-to-be mayor a taste of his home country. Unfortunately, the price limit for gifts for public officials is $50—so what happened to the funky fungi?

That's a question for the lucky students at the Food and Finance High School (yes, that's a real school), who were the recipients of the prized foodstuff yesterday. “I was really overwhelmed,” principal Roger Turgeon told the Daily News. “Being offered a white truffle is not an everyday event.” Teachers at the school plan to serve the truffle at a meal for the school's 480 students and staff members on Tuesday. Teenagers aren't known for their discerning palates, but at least one 16-year-old student from Queens is keeping an open mind: "I usually don’t like mushroom, but I would try it." You're way ahead of some adults we know, Jamila Mills.