Mayor Bloomberg might not be a fan of grace periods, but he is an avid supporter of running to re-fill your Muni-Meter. The Mayor, along with Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, put out a request today for "100 professional gut-busters willing to help New Yorkers get fit for free."

According to the Post, "the volunteers would supplement paid fitness instructors already providing no-cost exercise classes to 1,600 people a week at 15 recreation centers and other facilities in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods." The program is aimed at areas of the city with the highest levels of obesity and diabetes, and was formulated as an alternative for people who can't afford private health clubs, which offer, among other things, bra-snapping and bike hogs. Hopefully this strategy will work long enough for Wii-based fitness programs to overtake Gym classes across the city.

The Mayor's call-to-fitter-arms comes at a particularly poignant time, as the News reports today that the price of lettuce has increased up to 300% in the last month, due to a cold snap in California. Maybe we should re-think our crops for next season's window farming?