Mayor Bloomberg will not only have celebrity friends at his inaugural party, he'll have hot dogs too! On the menu, according to the Daily News, are tomato soup, mini sandwiches, hamburgers, grilled vegetables, popcorn and pretzels, cupcakes decorated in orange and blue (the city's colors), chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and "Hizzoner's favorite dish," hot dogs. Hot dogs are really his favorite food? Hmm, wonder if he prefers the Kobe Beef Hot Dog - or pigs in a blanket which are so yummy. We suppose it would have too predictable if the Mayor picked foie gras, filet mignon, truffles or ortolans for the menu - all part of his plan to seem more "Mike" than "The billionaire who paid $77 million to get reelected." But the Mayor will be paying for his shindig at the Emigrant Savings Bank on Chambers Street. The favors seeem chintzy, though - just a comemorative program and travel mug. The mug better be filled with gold, Bloomberg! And Gothamist wonders if the City Hall press corps gets these treats too?

Other treats at the party: Hudson Valley cider, Brooklyn Lager and Long Island's Wolffer wines. And the Mayor is a big fan of popcorn. If Gothamist were planning his inauguration party, we'd have included pizza, because we're sure he could get a coal oven pizza built for the event.

Photograph of Nathan's Hot Dog from Tien Mao; it's unclear whether or not the Mayor is getting Nathan's hot dogs