A store selling only artisanal flavored mayonnaise opened on Sunday in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, adding another notch to the borough's bedpost of pretentiousness. It's called Empire Mayonnaise, it's not a joke (in fact, we knew it was coming), and inside you'll find flavored mayos like White Truffle, Black Garlic, Lime Pickle, Bacon, Saffron, Preserved Lemon, and Vadouvan (a French curry masala). At press time it's unclear if there's an ironic Hellman's section. As we noted last year, the people behind the cans of mayo are chef Sam Mason and his business partner and designer Elizabeth Valleau, who slung the stuff over at the Smorgasburg last summer.

The Brooklyn Ink was at the store's grand opening, and Valleau told them, “There’s just really nothing else out there [like our product]." Except, you can make your own at home, which is incredibly easy... and would be so very Brooklyn-y of you (we hear people love canning in Brooklyn). If you want someone else to do the work, however, you can procure a jar online or at their shop for $6 to $8 per 4-ounce jar.

Now the only thing the borough needs is an all-organic veganaise store, then we can just stop development all together because everything will be perfect.