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Maxwell's mac n' cheese is The Tops

Just as our wounds were beginning to heal, Maxwell's has announced that they're not dead yet! The beloved venue—which operated as a bar, restaurant, and venue for decades—originally closed on July 31st. We all started to let go... but THEN it was briefly reopened for a few hours as Justin Timberlake took over to perform one song for fans (but really for a Target commercial). For a minute we thought: well if it's just been sitting there, will they... no, they wouldn't reopen just to close again... Oh but they will!

The Hoboken spot will reopen as a restaurant and bar only, and according to there have been Help Wanted posters in the window. Co-owner Dave Post says they will remain open until a buyer for the club is secured. How long will that take? "Hopefully, it won't take too long to make a sale. But even if I sold Maxwell's tomorrow, it would take 90 days for the license to transfer." Interested? The $625,000 price tag on the space comes with a liquor license, all furnishings, and a 10-year lease deal.

Dying for some of their divine mac n' cheese that you thought you'd never have again? They're not open just yet, give it a few days.