Tonight is the last night that Max Fish will inhabit 178 Ludlow Street before moving to Williamsburg in the fall. As always, the $6 PBR + shot special ends at 10 p.m., but at 4 a.m., a cabal of real estate brokers will burn a mountain of yoga mats and a toxic space portal belching the condemned souls of I-bankers will rip open outside the Kate Spade popup shop.

Though Motor City and Jerome's, and now Max Fish are all gone, you still have Welcome to the Johnson's and Local 138 and Iggy's for $2 PBRs, $3 drafts until 9 p.m., and cheap everything, respectively. Max Fish will be reborn at 130 Metropolitan in the next few months.

Photographer and Max Fish regular Daniel Savage posted a nice photo essay of some of the Fish's characters over at Bedford + Bowery. Say, remember that [drunken freewheeling anecdote]? Ha ha! Yeah.