Well, it's official—LES bar Max Fish will shutter its Ludlow Street location at the end of July. The bar's owner, Ulli Rimkus, told The Lo Down about the July closure earlier this week, and a doorman confirmed it for us last night.

Max Fish won't be totally gone, even though its infamous bathrooms will be. As previously reported, it'll be moving to a new location at 130 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Rimkus confirmed the Brooklyn move was in part due to landlord/rent issues, something the bar's had to deal with before; apparently, Rimkus's landlord wanted $20,000 a month in rent for the neighboring space that housed the Pink Pony (RIP).

But Rimkus also told The Lo-Down she didn't think the bar, once a mainstay among local artists, musicians and other creatives, fit in with the rest of the neighborhood anymore, which has been slowly stripped of its old character and becoming more upscale over the years (hello, SoHo House...) Then again, Williamsburg's getting an Urban Outfitters bar, so, really, there's nowhere safe to hide/set up a hip bohemian dive anymore, is there? To the water towers!