In a rare glimmer of light in an increasingly bro-besieged LES, Max Fish has announced that it will open its new Orchard Street location on August 2.

Bowery Boogie, which first reported the news, also has photos of a jazzy new facade by artist Gregg Woolard, featuring lively hot pink polka dots against a sky blue background. Suck it, glass-walled highrises and soul-deadening 7-Elevens!

The new Fish will also feature a small, erratic menu of mismatched snacks: Chaeschuechli swiss cheese tart ($1.50), chili ($5), and hardboiled eggs ($1), apparently designed specifically for the task of emergency booze blotting. Not that we're complaining—a hardboiled egg and a shot of Jack is the diet of champions and decorated Civil War generals, and Lord knows the neighborhood doesn't need another spot serving organic kimchi or decorative radish flowers at 3 a.m.

Fish 2.0, located at 120 Orchard Street, is the former home of Gallery Bar, which shuttered in early May. Owner Ulli Rimkus, along with a clutch of supporters staunchly in favor of preserving some whisper of old Lower East Side grime charm, won liquor license approval from Community Board 3 in April.

The new space is much larger than the former Fish, though Rimkus doesn't seem overly concerned that the obscene rent that forced her from the bar's Ludlow location after 24 years will return to haunt her anytime soon, maintaining that its closure was the direct result of landlord bloodlust. A Sweet Chick now occupies the former digs, serving duck liver pate to men in sweat-soaked dress shirts long into the night.