From Gothamist Contribute comes the following tip: "Max Brenner's on 2nd ave and 9th street is closed for good. I showed up to work this morning and half an hour later I was out. Not a huge loss to the community, but it's something." A Max Brenner worker answering the phone this afternoon confirmed that the store has indeed closed. Despite the idea that chocolate sales might actually improve during a recession, Brenner's free flowing chocolate fondue fountains have slowed to a trickle on Second Avenue; his hazelnut-caramel calliope is likely just as kaput. The Feedbag discovered a few weeks ago that the fictitious and so-called "Bald Man," a composite of the chain's two founders (one of whom is bald), has nonetheless been giving interviews in Australia. Made up or not, it seems Brenner may ultimately prove to be some kind of Danielle Steel of the cocoa bean: the Second Avenue location may have now closed, but the chain will publish its first cookbook in November, and it's all about chocolate rhapsody and purple prose. The "Bad Boy Chocolate Pizza" recipe not only features "passionately roasted marshmallows," but also recipe notes about "the infinite essence of life."