A Queens food vendor who allegedly used the power of a foreign name to help him escape from $90,000 in health violations has been busted, after switching one too many letters around. It's kind of like that time no one knew how to spell "Gadhafi", but with more street meat.

Ayman Metwally, aka Ayman Metwaly, aka Ayman Metwaey, aka Ayman Abdelrashid Ali Metwally, aka Ayman Abdelrashed Metwally, allegedly changed his name every two years and apply for a new license instead of renewing his old one. He also fudged his Social Security number and place of birth, from Qaliubiya, Egypt, to Kalyobia, Egypt, all while racking up over 70 health-code violations, including one for not having a place to wash his hands.

A judge finally busted Metwally/Metwaly/ etc and ruled that the city can revoke his license, thankfully. Just saying: this sort of thing would never happen on the Upper West Side.