A melted industrial chocolate scandal can't keep a good beard down if those beards belong to the Mast Brothers, who've put a craft chocolate brouhaha behind them and sealed a new multi-million dollar deal in Brooklyn. Rick and Michael Mast are the latest local food makers to sign a deal at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, reports GrubStreet, inking a lease on a new facility. Santa Claus must not have stuffed their stockings entirely full of coal after all.

The 65,000-square-foot space will be inside the Green Manufacturing Center and employ over 100 people. There, workers will toil away on the brothers' polarizing chocolate bars in addition to brewing chocolate "beer," which unfortunately contains no alcohol.

This post has been updated to correct a previous error regarding the terms of the new facility. The Green Manufacturing Center inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard is worth $68 million, not the deal signed by the Mast Brothers.