The first Dîner en Blanc to happen in the U.S. is scheduled to go on tonight, somewhere in New York City. The event (described as bringing together "the elegance and glamour of court society") is part of a 23-year-old French tradition, which brings thousands together for a massive dinner party. Everyone wears white, brings a white table, white chairs, and tonight: a white umbrellla. The 1,000 New Yorkers who registered and were chosen to be a part of the picnic have been told: "The Dîner en Blanc is an outdoor event. If it rains, just bring an umbrella or a transparent raincoat. If it's 'pouring buckets' we will move under a covered space until showers pass." Organizers have confirmed with us that the event will be happening as of now, despite those foreboding skies out there.

Guests attending are to bring their own dinner in a white picnic basket (though dinners are available for purchase), a white candle, a bottle opener (wine is provided), cutlery, a trash bag, and the aforementioned items. Right before the event takes place, around 6:45 p.m., they will be informed of a meeting spot, and be taken on foot or by subway to the secret picnic space.

We'll be on hand and will report back tomorrow with photos... of what may end up being the city's biggest wet t-shirt contest.