Personally, I've been drowning in the bottle since that day we can't stop talking about. For some, it's the booze; for others, drifting away in a cloud of Purple Haze. Or eating a fuck ton of pot brownies and momentarily forgetting the upside down we're living in.

Enter the NYPD.

During a routine traffic stop Saturday afternoon, two cops in the Bronx uncovered a baker's delight of edibles after smelling marijuana in a 2000 Gray Nissan driving on East Gun Hill Road. Officers out of the 49th Precinct found a "massive amount" of pot-infused brownies, cookies and Rice Krispy treats, which will now languish in an evidence locker instead of supplying a valuable avenue for escapism. Sweet, delicious escapism.

An NYPD spokesperson said officers arrested the vehicle's occupants, Luis Sanchez and Gabriel Cruz, on charges of criminal possession of marijuana. In addition, Sanchez faces charges for allegedly driving without a license.

I don't fuck with edibles anymore—that shit's intense (hi Mom!)—but man, leave it to the NYPD to make an already horrible week even more of a bummer.