from bayarea.typepad.comGothamist just returned from a mini-vacation in San Francisco. Naturally, we spent a great deal of our time eating. And why not? San Francisco is home of a unique food phenomenon that is virtually impossible to find here in New York -- the authentic taqueria. Yes we have Mexican food here, but many of the more Mexican (rather than Tex-Mex) restaurants in New York are high-end, and therefore do not qualify in our quest for the truly authentic taqueria. Now we've heard stories of taqueria sightings here in New York, and we'll admit that we haven't yet gotten around to hitting them all first-hand, but the taqueries in San Fran all share certain common themes: fresh, high-quality ingredients, authentic Mexican flavors, and modest prices. Why should this be so hard to replicate, huh? C'mon people, this is New York. We can do anything -- or so we think.

The places that we've we've visited personally that seem to be somewhere in the same ballpark as the tacquerias we saw on the West Coast are: Zaragoza Deli on 13th and Ave A, and Super Tacos Sobre Ruedas (a.k.a. the Taco Truck) on 96th and B'way. We've also heard great things about El Paso Taqueria, which has two locations: 104 and Lexington, and 97th and Madison, Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana on Amsterdam and 108th, and Tehuitzingo on 10th Ave and 47th, and a few others that fellow Gothamist Foodies have visited. We haven't tried them yet, but now that we've gotten the taqueria bug, we're gearing up for a field trip.

We'd love some reader input on this one -- why can't New York seem to come up with cheap, high-quality taquerias like those in the Bay Area? Where are your favorites, if you've found them?