If you were holding out hope that the dive lovers' dive that was Mars Bar would actually be reopening and bringing back its piss-stained walls to the brand new building that just topped out on the corner of Second and First, we have bad news for you. Or good news, if you like turning change into bills and think Broadway and Bond is too far away. Steve Cuozzo is reporting that TD Bank has just signed a lease for the space.

The news isn't really that surprising. Though there had been speculation that the bar would return when the new Jupiter 21 building went up over its old digs, there was no way it could ever have actually replicated the original (which really hadn't been the same for a long time anyway). If you think people were upset about that Mars Bar fashion tribute or that short-lived Bruce Willis-owned wine bar down the block, just imagine how they would have reacted to a shiny new Mars Bar with not a whiff of urine or graffiti? Maybe it's better if the long-rumored Mars Bar II opens somewhere else anyway.

So, yeah. Happy 2013, everybody! We now turn to Eater where this comment is already in the running for greatest of this young new year:

I see this as a huge score. TD Bank is my bank. If it were a Citibank or a Chase, I'd agree that yeah, it blows. But I'm down with no longer having to use a sketch-o-rama ATM with a $4 fee to get money for dinner in that neighborhood.