You knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any less sad. The final days of Mars Bar are upon us. Over the weekend Crain's wrote a story on the sweetheart deal the tenants in the infamous dive bar's building are getting— $10, tax free, for a two bedroom apartment!—that mentioned the structure will be demolished in August and today EVGrieve makes the educated guess that since the building's tenants are being asked to leave on the 30th of June (when neighboring Joe's Locksmith will also be vacating) it is a safe bet that the 30th will also be the end of Mars Bar.

After the 1920s building goes it will be replaced by a 12-story luxury high rise with 65 units. Nine of those units will be sold, for $10, to the tenants who currently live above Mars, four more units will be sold by lottery for around $150,000 to people making less than $64,000 and the rest of the building will be sold at market rate.

In theory, Mars Bar has the option to move back into the new building, but if it does it is going to be nearly impossible for the bar to recreate the smell and look of decades of abuse. But don't despair drunks, anything is possible when you put your mind to it!