Mark "believes in Newark" Zuckerberg, also known as the founder of Facebook, is telling the world all about his new diet: eat only the meat he kills. Seriously.

Apparently, Zuckerberg's turn toward extreme locavorism is part of his annual "personal challenge" (previous personal challenges include learning Chinese and wearing a tie every day). "This year, my personal challenge is around being thankful for the food I have to eat. I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have," he wrote in a letter to Fortune. Zuckerberg's "challenge" was announced, obviously, on Facebook, where he posted a note reading: "I just killed a pig and a goat."

Zuckerberg has progressed from killing lobsters (which don't even have feelings!) to chicken to the aforementioned pig and goat, and he's doing it all under the tutelage of a chef named Jesse Cool. It's tough love coming from a man who owns such an adorable fluffball, but we are morbidly curious to see the Facebook pictures.