Celebrity chef Mario Batali knows a lot about pasta, questionable footwear choices and rich people, but he should leave the edibles to the experts. The Crocs enthusiast has published a pot brownie recipe via Food52 in "honor" of the Superbowl-bound Broncos and the pot-friendly city of Denver. When eating Mario Batali's Double-Chocolate Pot Brownies, the chef advises to "[hang] with cool people" and "don't do anything stupid," which should start with not following this bullshit recipe.

Batali's brownie base looks fine and surely if one were omitting the marijuana, it would be a satisfactory, if simple, batch of brownies. But Batali's suggestions for the marijuana portion of the recipe makes several missteps, ones that don't just mishandle the marijuana—they'll make the brownies themselves taste like shit. For one, Batali advises grinding up the marijuana and simmering—briefly, we'll get to that—in butter but doesn't include a step for removing the plant itself. Rookie mistake, chef!

Several commenters on the recipe have called him out on what will undoubtably result in a nearly inedible—or at the very least, power pot flavored—brownie, with a fibrous and chalky texture. What's the point of going out of your way to bake something delicious if you can't even enjoy it?

Then there's the matter of the marijuana "cooking" process, where the chef employs the common method of simmering the weed in butter. Fine, but his suggestion to only cook the pot "until the butter is just melted" probably won't be long enough to suck the THC out of the plant itself. Typically, recipes for cannabutter call for at least 45 minutesif not five hours!—to fully infuse the butter with all the Good Stuff. Guess that's why he's leaving all the leaves and stems in the brownie batter!

Finally, maybe I'm just old school (or cheap), but isn't kinda crappy—or at least nothing insanely strong—weed the best for edibles? When ingesting pot, the reaction is typically stronger than smoking something of the same quality, meaning a "high quality" pot is more-or-less wasted (or dangerous!) in a cooking application. Not to mention, four grams is a LOT of pot for one batch of brownies! Hopefully Mario's Superbowl party comes with a padded room.

[h/t Grub Street]