Mario Batali, the disgraced celebrity chef, will face criminal charges in Boston on Friday. He is accused of "allegedly kissing and groping a woman against her will in a Back Bay restaurant in 2017," according to

The 58-year-old will be arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery. The Boston Globe reports:

[The complainant] as eating dinner at the bar with a friend and recognized Batali sitting a few seats away, according to the criminal complaint. The woman told police she was taking a picture of Batali over her shoulder when he noticed her and told her to “come here right now,” according to court records. She went over to apologize and tell him she would erase the photo, but Batali told her it was OK and offered to take a selfie with her.

As she stood next to his bar stool, Batali put his arm around the woman and then grabbed her chest, she told police. He then allegedly started kissing her face and touching her groin without her consent, records show.

The woman said she stopped taking photos and pulled away from Batali. She said he kept “pulling on her face” and asked her if she wanted to join him in his hotel room nearby at the Mandarin Oriental, adding that Batali seemed intoxicated “by the smell and half closed eyes,” according to the criminal complaint.

The incident closely matches allegations from a lawsuit filed last year.

Batali's lawyer Anthony Fuller said, "The charges, brought by the same individual without any new basis, are without merit. He intends to fight the allegations vigorously and we expect the outcome to fully vindicate Mr. Batali."

In late 2017, stories from the NY Times and Eater revealed accounts from women, including employees, who accused Batali of predatory behavior, from verbal harassment to rape. Batali denied accusations of sexual assault, but also offered apologies for his other actions (as well as a recipe for cinnamon rolls).

The NYPD closed its sexual assault investigation related to Batali earlier this year, but Batali still officially removed himself from his former restaurant empire.

If convicted, Batali faces up to two and a half years in prison and sex offender status.