As part of its Food issue, the NY Times Magazine asked different NYC chefs for their "worst kitchen disasters." Some of the stories were about the lack of electricity (either you get a generator or you comp dinner for everyone who made reservations) or stepping in a bucket of chicken stock, but the most touching one might be about some pot cookies that were too potent.

Brian Leth, chef of Vinegar Hill House and Hillside, recounted, "One of the line cooks at a somewhat new restaurant used this incredibly powerful marijuana butter to make cookies. The whole staff was eating them, but only a third of them knew. Everyone found themselves radically out of their depth. I’d almost made it through service when someone walked in and ordered two côtes de boeuf. I had to get them down and butcher them. It took an hour to get the entrees to the table."

The Weed Blog has a marijuana butter recipe, natch—it's very elaborate, but it does say, "Marijuana butter is the backbone of many edible marijuana endeavors. Learn how to make marijuana butter, and you will be very popular."