The Dos Caminos Margarita; Photo - Kenneth Chen for New YorkNew York magazine is tormeting Gothamist with another drink to try. This time Deborah Schoeneman looks at the city's best margaritas, and the one at Dos Caminos Soho gets 5 stars (so does the one at Miracle Grill, but we're a little Miracle Grilled out for now...). Schoeneman also mentions Gothamist's favorite frozen margarita, the pomegranate one at Rosa Mexicano, and gives it 2 stars. Her thoughts?

"A friend swears the $9 pomegranate margaritas here are an aphrodisiac: 'Every time I have one, I have sex afterwards.' That probably has more to do with the fratty bar scene than the pink drinks, which are small and a tad weak. That said, they taste pretty good for stuff that comes out of a machine."

Hey! Gothamist has NOT had sex every time after having one - do we get our money back? The most exciting thing that happened post-RM was an unfortunate incident involving a schmoopy, 6 Cosmopolitans each on top of that, and the restaurant, Alva, now Kitchen 22, where Gothamist will have to get reconstructive surgery if we ever want to show our faces again.

Gothamist also enjoys the passion-fruit margarita at the lobby bar of 60 Thompson. They don't serve that at A60 - ha.