Data head Ben Wellington of I Quant NY has assembled yet another interesting look at New York State’s open data website, this time mining it to paint a picture of the city's longest held liquor licenses. While it doesn't accurately represent which establishments have been open the longest—bars changing hands, Prohibition and other factors automatically eliminate certain places—the map points out some interesting neighborhood features. For example, the longest held liquor license in Sunnyside, Queens belongs to Gallagher's 2000, the strip club that gave us these masterful advertisements:

As Wellington notes, the oldest liquor license in the data set is for private UES Harmonie Club from 1933 and the oldest beer license belongs to Nathan's Famous on Coney Island. Other interesting discoveries: Avery Fischer Hall boasts the UWS's oldest license; Denino's Pizzeria wins out in Staten Island's New Brighton neighborhood; and Pete's Candy Store's license in Williamsburg goes back to 1976.