A "social comparison engine for financial decisions" called Bundle just launched a Restaurant Recommender that allows you to see where people spend their money the most when dining out in New York City. Along with the launch, they've created a map of New York City—as well as a map of each of the five boroughs—which breaks down eating habits in different neighborhoods (click through for the numbers and visuals). Here's the data they're working with:

Our sample of dining experiences in New York City includes more than 10 million distinct visits to over 10,000 restaurants by more than 700,000 distinct diners between January and September of 2010.

In our time period, more than $300 million dollars was spent on dining out in New York City total. About $200 million of those dollars were spent by residents of of the five boroughs of New York City: A very healthy local market.

Some quick conclusions they came to: residents of DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, and Park Slope spend the most (up to $1,200 a month!) dining out, as opposed to Staten Islanders, who at the most spend $459 a month—though they point out the borough isn't particularly known for its fine dining (burn).