Get ready for more McDonald's to either love, hate or simply tolerate. Though the Center for an Urban Future recently found chain growth in the city to be slowing, the golden arches are reportedly preparing to buck the trend. According to a report in the Post the house that Ronald built is hoping to "add at least 10 burger joints to Manhattan within the next three to five years."

That would be a hefty jump from the current 68 locations in Manhattan (there are a total of 242 McDonald's in the five boroughs [PDF]). On the plus side, the new McD's will most likely boast the chain's semi-recent upscale look.

On the downside? Though "This is not necessarily a real-estate play," according to Cheryll Forsatz, McDonald’s director of communications for the New York area, at the same time it kind of is? "In the current economy, landlords want safe tenants—they don’t want to be chasing mom-and-pops for rent," according to the real-estate broker spearheading the Manhattan expansion.