While our idea of restaurant magic means we were able to get the waiter's attention, it turns out you can get your steak with a side of actual sleight of hand this month. Taste of Magic brings the illusions table side at Ben & Jack's Steak House on Friday, July 26th, where a group of magicians perform while you nosh on dinner at the NoMad steak house.

In between each course, one of the entertainers camps out at your table, performing sleight of hand, card tricks and even mind reading. "Yes I would like another cocktail! Damn you're amazing!" When you aren't being entertained by the enchantments, you'll be dining on B&J's fare, including entree options like Filet Mignon Medallions, Shrimp Scampi or a Roasted Half Chicken. A special bar will be setup in the dining room, but sadly alcoholic alchemy isn't included in the ticket price.

As for the tickets, they'll set you back $65, which includes the show, a three course meal and tax. The group offers two seating times, at 5 p.m. and at 8 p.m., with plenty of time to catch the train home "for our bridge and tunnel friends." If you don't catch them this time around, the troupe performs about twice a month at Gossip and Tout Va Bien, but sadly not at the Gothic Castle.