The widespread movement protesting the Trump administration continues to grow this week with the opening of a new cocktail bar that will donate 100% of its profits to organizations and peoples who are—or could be—negatively impacted by legislation out of Washington. Prolific restaurateur Ravi DeRossi opens Coup—yes, as in d'etat—on Friday inside his former Bergen Place restaurant more or less in Astor Place.

“Everyone has his or her reasons for not liking the current administration. For me it's manifold, but if I could boil it down to one issue, it would be equality," DeRossi explains. "Regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation, I believe everyone should have an equal and fair chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it doesn't seem that this administration adheres to the same philosophy. In fact, it seems as though they are working very hard to create a society of hate and inequality. So, what we've created is a cocktail bar that encourages discussion, love, respect, acceptance, and above all, creates a community where we turn our angst and despair into something beautiful and positive."

The space features two bars, one of which will host a rotating lineup of the city's best bar talent, who will choose a cause of their choice to which that evening's bar sales will be donated. The list of signed on talent is impressive, including Best American Bartender of the Year for 2015 Ivy Mix of Leyenda, Jim Meehan of PDT, Joaquin Simo from Pouring Ribbons and Alton "Good Eats" Brown himself. Each will create specialty cocktails for their shifts.

At the other bar, guests are given a wooden token with each beverage purchased, which they'll drop into jars bearing the names of different charitable organizations. The donation groups will rotate on a day-to-day basis. The dollar amount from the tokens in each jar will be calculated, the total of which will be donated to said charity by Coup.

Cocktails will run $20 each, as will glasses of wine, with beer and mocktails going for $15. In addition to the charitable angle, the whole bar will be gratuity-free, with any extra money left also donated to threatened organizations.

64 Cooper Square, 212-260-2182;

Coup Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd