Coup, the cocktail bar that donated all its profits to people and organizations that could be negatively impacted by the Trump administration, will close Saturday to begin a nationwide tour. The bar, which is run by prolific restaurateur Ravi DeRossi, will pop up in cocktail bars around the country, according to Eater, with a schedule forthcoming.

"The owners of Coup...feel strongly that bringing the bar and its charitable efforts to different cities will allow patrons to come together for causes they care about, and they can do so at some of their favorite cocktail spots," DeRossi said in a statement.

For its last two nights near Astor Place, Coup will be donating profits to relief organizations helping out people affected by the hurricanes that devastated Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

"Regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation, I believe everyone should have an equal and fair chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it doesn't seem that this administration adheres to the same philosophy. In fact, it seems as though they are working very hard to create a society of hate and inequality," DeRossi said when Coup first opened. "So, what we've created is a cocktail bar that encourages discussion, love, respect, acceptance, and above all, creates a community where we turn our angst and despair into something beautiful and positive."

The tour schedules is reported to be announced next month.

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