2003_9_mangosteen.jpgR.W. "Johnny" Apple of the Times waxes on about the mangosteen, a "tropical fruit about the size of a tangerine, whose leathery maroon shell surrounds moist, fragrant, snow-white segments of ambrosial flesh." Net net, Apple is besotted with the Asian fruit and liberally uses the word "exotic" as he details how this strange-looking fruit is currently illegal to import to the country and many agree it's sublime ("It is so delicate that it melts in the mouth like ice cream.") Gothamist will have to try one when we go to Asia next, but upon hearing that mangosteen is the queen of fruit and durian is the king, we're more than a little suspicious (durian is a fruit that even Anthony Bourdain won't eat).

Purdue University on the mangosteen.