After merely seeing NYC Eats' photograph of a photograph being taken at Mandler's Original Sausage Co., Gothamist was intrigued. We love meat, and what could be better than meat, wurst-style? So when Ronnie Mandler invited us to try some of his food and learn more about wurst, we headed to Union Square tout de suite.

Jen and Jake at Mandler's

Ronnie Mandler explained that his travels to Europe made him appreciate their sausages, which were poorly imitated here in the states. He developed sausages that are only made with the best ingredients. Ronnie also emphasized the importance of the sausage casing; sausage casings should not snap when bitten into (we did not know that) so he made sure his casings would allow for people's teeth to easily bite into the sausage.

We enjoyed not only the krainerwurst (beef and pork) and the bratwurst (smoked beef and pork) sandwiches on the warm fresh baked bread, but also were treated to a veritable wurst sampling of chicken, seafood – even a vegetarian one. The array of wurst was surprisingly delicious (seafood wurst, who would have thunk?), especially with a touch of the roasted red pepper condiment, peppadew. Add in sides of corn fritters (Jake's favorite) and zucchini fries, plus a drink (Mandler's now has a liquor license, so they sell beer and wine), you've got yourself a tasty and filling meal.


Mandler's Original Sausage Co.
26 east 17 street St. Union Square
212 255 8999
Open: morning to late night