A man is suing midtown watering hole Johnny Utah's after the bar's mechanical bull flung him off without warning... unless you count the warning that's implicit with a machine specifically built to fling people off of it.

According to the Post, 25-year-old Leonard Barstein was out with friends when he decided to climb aboard the rebel stag, mistakenly thinking he'd have a good time, maybe catch the eye of some hotties he could later tempt with a round of Fireball. "I just wanted to get on the bull and ride it,” Barstein explained to the tabloid. “But it started up without giving me the chance to get ready. I was just thrown off.” Just thrown right off? What kind of sick mechanical bull IS THIS?!

So violent was his upheaval that Barstein missed the surrounding padded areas entirely, fracturing his ankle in so many places that doctors had to insert a metal plate into his leg.

“This is a very dangerous bull,” added Barstein’s attorney, Alexander Karasik. He's right! In 2011, Christopher Haynes sued Johnny Utah's after the bull bucked him, claiming to be permanently disabled after the automated beast began its violent lurching before he had a chance to settle in. Two other lawsuits had also been filed against the bull in years past.

Better to stick with the bull at Viva Toro in Williamsburg, where at least you can smother your cracked ribs and humiliation under a side of avocado fries.