A man accused of stealing a bread truck on the Upper East Side was really on a roll when he stripped down to his underwear and started making deliveries, distributing baked goods to customers at 3 a.m.

According to the Post, 30-year-old David Bastar hijacked a Grimaldi's Home of Bread truck on 2nd Avenue near East 99th Street around 3 a.m., helpfully doling out a bounty of breads using a map left on the front street. When his "work" was done, Bastar reportedly enjoyed a leisurely ride down Lexington Avenue, where he flung the remaining comestibles out the window.

He then began trailing a limo, following the driver over the 59th Street Bridge, thinking he "had to follow him to make deliveries," he later told police. The chauffeur called the cops, who pulled the helpful heel over near La Guardia's Central Terminal. Bastar was taken to Elmhurst Hospital's psych ward, and later released into his parent's custody. He has been charged with criminal possession of a stolen vehicle, but at yeast he was caught, since he clearly kneaded help.

Also, worse things have happened as a result of a stolen bread van: