Nothing lasts forever in this transient land, especially not good things like tasty, super cheap falafel. Yes, those days are upon us, with word that legendary late-night eatery Mamoun's has raised the price of their falafel sandwich from $3 to $3.50. WHY GOD.

The hike began just after the new year and affects not only falafel but all other vegetarian items on the menu, owner and managing partner of the NYC locations Galal Chater tells us. The reason? Rising food costs. "Food costs are through the roof and we were trying to shoulder the lion's share ourselves," Chater explained. "We don't take raising our prices lightly...but it's something that's been going on for a while and we finally had to cave."

Prices for vegetables, chickpeas and spices have all been on the rise, as has the cost of fuel; combining factors that lead to the price bump. "Our tahini sauce is through the roof," according to Chater. The 16% hike hasn't affected business, Chater said; "People are really cool with it, they understand." To the contrary, the mini chain is actually expanding, with plans to open up a Princeton, NJ location at some point this May.

This isn't the first time the they've been forced to bump up the price—remember the $2.50 sandwich?—but it's still a bummer nonetheless. The distinction of cheapest quality falafel sandwich may now go to Williamsburg's Oasis, where an employee confirmed to us today that they're still making your breath reek for just $3.