Biting the hand that fed him, Rocco DiSpirito, humiliated last month when business partner Jeffrey Chodorow sued him because Rocco's (the 22nd realitys show AND restaurant) was not a critical or financial success, filed a civil lawsuit against Chodorow's company, China Grill Management. The Times reports that within the 38 page civil suit, the offenses to DiSpirito included changing the locks on the restaurant and not giving him a key and not paying 79 year-old Mama in a timely fashion. Hmm. The first is what everyone does after their boyfriend or girlfriend cheats or does something stupid; the second sounds like what Rocco and China Grill had been doing to all the other employees at Rocco's earlier! This reminds Gothamist of one of those altercations that Real World roommates have with their bosses, you know, at one of those "jobs" MTV/Bunim-Murray makes them have to give them things to do and add tensions, but just with more money.

The new season of The Restaurant starts on April 19. Maybe for May sweeps, NBC will have Donald Trump fire everyone at Rocco's.