Would you eat something growing in Central Park? One blogger recently took Wildman Steve Brill's foraging tour (check out our interview with him) and found plenty of edible plants in the area.

The four-hour tour includes learning to identify in-season plants, gathering them and taking notes. She writes: "The day's culinary highlight was our dinner salad of foraged Asiatic dayflower, lady's thumb, lamb's quarters and yellow wood sorrel. I know it sounds and looks rustic, and I'll gladly admit it was heartier than the salads I'm used to eating."

To dress up any salad, just head to the apple trees behind the Met, where you can find a plethora of red devil apples! These red-fleshed gems were pretty tart on the apple spectrum. I picked up four or five (you can't very well erect an apple ladder in Central Park, so we shook a branch and collected ours off the ground), and I might bake the rest. I also read they make a lovely pink-hued hard apple cider." We're guessing the Met doesn't fully support this idea, so shake at your own risk... and say goodbye to breadlines!