Already getting holiday gift-giving anxiety? There are only 42 shopping days until Christmas! If you're looking for a gift for that discerning foodiot in your life—assuming you've exhausted your Artisanal Sriracha and olive oil options—a new product has hit the market just in time for the holiday season: a DIY goat cheese kit.

Belle Chevre, an Alabama-based goat's milk cheese company, just introduced the Make Your Own Goat Cheese kit, which has "everything" you'll need to make the cheese including instructions, ingredients and tools. You'll need to source the goat's milk on your own, but lucky for us we need look no further than the Staten Island dump. Mmm, homemade dump milk goat cheese!

The process seems simple, as evidenced by the step-by-step video (see below)—soundtracked by a somewhat disconcerting song about an open casket—and only takes a few hours. You can get several batches from one order and it comes with a "cute gift-ready and storage container" should you want to gift your cheese creation yourself. They'll ship the kit to you for $27, plus $10.50 for S&H, and are hoping to have the kit in Whole Foods, Murrays and the like before the holiday shopping insanity begins.