This year's most endearing Valentine's Day eats won't be found on the shelves at Duane Reade—they'll be coming out of a cat's butt. Yes, the heart shaped box of mysterious candy has been replaced with a better, edgier, more delicious kind of chocolate known as Cat Poop Truffles, a special, seasonal...offering...from the kitties of Hester Street's Meow Parlour. Litter box not included.

The patisserie portion of the cat cafe is selling the chocolate caca for the next few weeks at $5 by the half turd pound as an antithesis to the saccharin offerings found around this time of year. The truffles are brownies rolled into logs, dipped in chocolate and then coated in brownie crumbs. If you're not presenting these to your lovah in a tray of crushed corn flakes with a tiny scooper, you're not doing it right.

Cat's mind control techniques have now created a more convenient method for litter box cleanup. It's just the natural progression of feline culinary ingenuity.