Scrolling through Seamless's many dining options can be both an exhilarating ("It's almost lunchtime!") and frustrating ("Ugh, what do I want to eat?") experience. But if you're willing to put your mealtime fate into the hands of a computer algorithm, you can avoid the decision-making and with a few clicks have food delivered without ever having to gaze at a menu. Meet Seamless Roulette, a new site launched this morning that will deliver you food from a random restaurant nearby using your Seamless account as a guide.

The premise is simple: login to your Seamless account through their portal, tell them how much you want to spend and where you want it delivered and the site will automatically select a restaurant and deliver you an order below your maximum dollar amount, including tax, delivery fee (if applicable) and tip. Does that mean a square meal with a drink or just a selection of items under your budget?. "It's totally random. It looks at the menu and tries its best to spend as much money as you wanted," explains Mike Lacher, who did the coding for the site. "You might not get a drink, or you could get multiple drinks." Note: there is currently no way to address any kind of food allergy pre-order.

The order won't be a complete surprise, as you'll receive the standard email from Seamless confirming your order has been received by the restaurant. "[It's] a little bit of a buzzkill but also reassuring to know that food is coming," says co-founder Bryan Denman. The creators are also quick to point out that they have no affiliation with Seamless, nor do they gain access to any of your personal information (like credit cards) through their site. "We are just providing the inputs with the randomization," Denman explains. "But from Seamless's are just a regular customer who picked a restaurant and then some random items from that restaurant."

Denman and Lacker—along with partner Chris Baker—don't see any profit from this venture, saying their idea was just to "make a boring day a little more fun." "Ordering on Seamless is something we all do, and is already incredibly fast and easy," Lacher adds. "We thought this would be a fun way to take out the only point of friction: making up your mind." Got some money and an adventurous appetite? Step right this way.